Nautical Torque Technology develops innovative methods and equipment that produce continuous renewable electricity for the wholesale market. We seek to bring positive change to society by commercializing our technology, which will address the shortcomings of current renewable energy solutions and allow society to transition away from fossil fuel and nuclear-based electricity production.


Based out of San Francisco, California, we are a clean tech startup with a patented process that takes advantage of energy potential in large particles of slowly moving mass (LPSMs). LPSMs in the form of large ships and barges move up and down every day with the incoming and outgoing tides. Our process utilizes the capacity of water rather than actual force of the water as in tidal and wave power. Inventor and founder, Cahill Maloney, developed the concept over 10 years ago and we are continuing his work to honor his legacy and change the world through renewable energy innovations. Currently we are continuing to develop our prototypes and market strategy, and have started the process of registering as a Delaware C-Corporation, forming a management team and a board of advisors.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge


Our initial milestone is the development of a single cylinder micro-dam prototype in order to demonstrate the scalability of the technology. This prototype will simulate tidal variations and demonstrate the energy potential of LPSMs. The evidence and data gained from the prototype will allow us to secure funding for business development and patent filing in foreign markets. We will then partner with engineering and utility companies to construct utility scale prototypes for a variety of applications of our technology including the seaside tidal and land-locked micro-dam version of Nautical Torque.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy involves pursuing 2 primary applications of our technology. The first application will be the seaside lunar version, which will use large vessels and ships to focus on developing a customer base that consists of port authorities, municipalities, naval stations, and eventually, utility companies. We will also eventually pursue an application that will use river locks and channels with a controlled tide system to lift and lower LPSMs. This application will result in utility scale renewable electricity that is baseload and capable of replacing nuclear and fossil fuel generation. The second application is to use a landlocked version of our technology for bulk energy storage, and to pursue a customer base consisting of compressed air energy storage companies, and also wind and solar farms. This application can increase the capacity of existing pumped stored hydro stations, and increase the efficiency of compressed air storage technology.


We will maintain a small company servicing a large market by licensing our technology and continuing to develop innovative designs and equipment in the Nautical Torque Technology field of renewable energy generation. As a small company, we will develop and promote our technology to the point where it’s feasibility and scalability are beyond doubt, thereby capitalizing on the global demand for renewable cost-effective energy. We have recently been granted a U.S. patent and will continue to file supplemental patents as our research and development continues. Once a utility scale operation is up and running, we can promote our technology throughout the world and sell licenses to all interested entities.


Management Team

 Cahill Maloney – Inventor and Founder


Cahill Maloney lived a life outside the box, and worked primarily as a sign painter and commercial artist. He also was an inventor, writer, professional athlete, traveler, and entrepreneur. His experience in mechanics and engineering led to the discovery and early development of Nautical Torque Technology. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with late-stage stomach cancer in late 2012 and passed away a month later. During his illness, and upon his deathbed, he maintained his belief that Nautical Torque Technology could and would change the world.


Galen Maloney – Vice President and Co-Founder


A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California, Davis in 1999 with degrees in political science and philosophy in addition to a certification in permaculture sustainable design systems. Galen has worked in education, community organizing, journalism, politics, environmental education, and entrepreneurship. These experiences combined with his travels to Asia, Europe, South America, and Central America give him the ability to see the big picture, work with people of all persuasions and mindsets, and provide strategic planning insight. His experience in the education field working with youth communities makes him particularly adept managing, coordinating, and facilitating the various parties that will be involved in the development and commercialization of Nautical Torque Technology. He is in charge of obtaining seed stage funding, business development, strategic planning, and marketing.


Peter Collins – Vice President, Research and Development


Peter Collins brings years of practical experience in construction, engineering, and co-generation designs as a general contractor and project manager. He is the current expert on Nautical Torque Technology, having helped the inventor Cahill Maloney build the proofs of concepts over the past 3 years. Peter will oversee acquisition of parts and assembly of the various prototypes, coordinate testing, and contribute to strategic planning, marketing, and outreach.


We are currently seeking to add to our management team.

Advisory Board

We are currently forming and adding to our board of advisors to help us commercialize our product and form the necessary partnerships. The following have served as advisors to us for the past 4 years.


Avenire Consulting – Consulting Partner

Website: www.avenireconsulting.com


Avenire Consulting is a Sacramento, California based management consulting firm. They were responsible for designing Nautical Torque Technology’s brand assets and website. They also act as strategic advisors in providing consulting in marketing, finance, and business management as they support Nautical Torque Technology’s funding and growth efforts.


Hunter Richards – Research Economist

Email: hmrichards88@gmail.com

Phone: (520) 465-4016


With a master’s degree in applied economics, Hunter’s skills include econometric analysis of big data, applications of machine learning, research and writing, team collaboration, and policy analysis. He consults on projects focusing on economic development, data analysis, environmental management, and natural resources, with additional interest in economic analysis of energy management. He has helped Nautical Torque Technology develop its marketing vision, and properly explain and analyze its technology.


Bill Buchan – Founder, Market Potential 

Email: buchan@mketpotential.com


Bill has 25 years of experience in business development and commercialization of new technologies in the environment and energy sectors. He has great insight into the direction of the energy and environmental markets and the issues with new technology adoption into these markets. Providing advice on partnership agreements, business development, and navigating the energy industry. A licensed engineer, Bill received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, master’s degree in civil/environmental engineering, and an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.


Fernando Vallenzuela – Chief Engineer, Altersystems LLC

Email: fjv@altersystems.com

Phone: (866) 568-5579


As an environmental engineer and founder of Altersystems, a company that provides consulting for individual renewable energy use, Fernando offers strategic planning and advice with regards to the renewable energy sector. He has been involved in the formation of the business plan, investor strategy, and prototype planning. He has also provided great insight and verification into the fundamental principles of the Nautical Torque Technology process. Currently, he is completing his M.B.A. in entrepreneurship at Cal State East


Leo Wickham – President, LFW Manufacturing INC.

Phone: (209) 465-0444


Leo Wickham has been engaged in the consulting, construction, and repair of gearboxes and industrial strength machines for over 30 years. A mechanical engineer professional, he has agreed to custom build gearboxes to meet the needs of our initial prototypes. Widely considered the expert in his field, Leo has provided Nautical Torque Technology with essential feedback and verification of the claims and predictions. He provides a critical resource in the design and implementation of our prototypes.


Tony Rosario – Independent Electric Mechanics INC.

Email: t-iem@tds.net

Phone: (603) 464-3869


Tony Rosario has over 50 years of experience working on high-powered generators. He has provided consulting and recommendations with regards to the most appropriate generators to meet the needs of our initial prototype design. Tony is our consultant with regards to all generator questions and maintenance issues.


Engineering Interns, U.C. Berkely


A team of U.C. Berkeley students have worked with us and will perform much of the mechanical engineering analysis and design for the first stage of our prototype development.


California Cleantech Open 2012


We were chosen as semi-finalists for the Clean Tech Open 2012 and received a year of tutoring and guidance from industry experts in the area of business development, investor pitching, market strategizing, and customer development. The CTO links entrants with various advisors in the clean tech industry. As part of this process, we have met and talked with engineers, venture capitalists and received feedback and support with our business plan, fundraising and prototype planning. We are currently consulting with various engineers to choose a chief engineer to oversee the prototypes.